Palm Plates Sustainable Wedding Practices for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Palm Plates Sustainable Wedding Practices for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Spring season marks the arrival of various beginnings, one for instance, weddings! Spring weddings are ideal dates for nature lovers who have evolved their wedding plans into a much more responsible way for exchanging wedding vows.

It is an astonishing fact that weddings have a decent contribution in global pollution with their massive usage of non-biodegradable items that ultimately go out as waste. Somewhere around 500 lbs of dry waste and 60 tons of green house gases are reported to be by-products of a single traditional wedding. Shoot-up these stats for multiple weddings in one day, you’ll get the picture!     

On that note, many couples are now getting open to sustainable wedding practices and green wedding concepts.

What does it mean to go green?

Green wedding is simply a wedding setup where eco friendly wedding practices such as biodegradable dishware and cutlery, take-outs in sustainable meal boxes and eco-friendly plates are used. Entering the 2020 pandemic scene, weddings have taken great toll among others. However, eco-friendly weddings have brought forth the solution in terms of sustainable practices that maintains the visual appeal of wedding arrangements and at the same time prioritize health and safety standards.

Suggesting an idea here, eco-friendly wedding may include a sustainable wedding venue, e-vites or personal invitations, recycled paper invites, rented wedding dresses and the most important one: eco-friendly dishware or catering.

Let’s set main priority here first, because let’s be honest, the main reason weddings are remembered longer is: Food and catering!   


Eco-friendly concepts for catering during COVID

Large social gatherings are not welcomed for now. Even though social distancing is employed, it is hard to abide by COVID protocol at weddings with single use dishware and individual food servings.  

However, Eco-friendly wedding catering includes putting separate grab-and-go food stations and usage of sustainable dishware such as palm leaf plates, trays, bowls and cutlery.

How palm leaf plates are one of the best sustainable wedding practices!

No matter how much of an environmentalist one is, weddings have to have attractive dishware! If real tableware is over your budget you should definitely rule out cheap alternatives with plastic as base material. Talk about defying the purpose altogether!

Palm leaf plates on the other hand are made from leaves that are naturally shed by the Areca Palm tree, no timbering whatsoever! Leaves are then collected, sorted and undergo high pressure cleaning processes. During the manufacturing process there are no harmful chemicals, dyes or additives used. This makes the manufacturing process 100% natural. Talk about being super sustainable! 


Introducing eco-friendly palm leaf dinnerware from Malurra

Set perfect green wedding arrangement with Malurra’s palm leaf dinnerware collection. We offer bulk palm plates for wholesale use with high-end look to them. No need to worry about food spills or floppy plates in weddings. Our palm leaf plates are 100% natural, durable, heat and water resistant with softer feel to them.

Malurra’s palm leaf plates are biodegradable and compostable, making them sustainable and eco-friendly.

Choose Malurra’s eco-friendly plates and find each item to be:  

  • 100% organic and chemical-free
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • No contribution to timbering
  • Durable and leak proof
  • Heat and cold resistant
  • Different size and shapes
  • No distortion of plates design
  • Soft and Natural palm patterns
  • Affordable cost

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Planning a wedding that complies with your peace pact with the environment seems difficult but not impossible. Adopt sustainable wedding practices through eco-friendly venue, decor and tableware such as palm leaf dinnerware.