A 2D QR code can be read by a smartphone's camera or a barcode scanner.  Free 2D QR Code | MaLurra Dinnerware

No need to download anything. No new hardware required. Extremely simple. 

We're here to help all our clients in the hospitality industry move to contactless menus with ease. 

How does this work?

Instead of using disposable paper menus that need to be printed everyday, a QR code at your entrance is safer for staff and patrons, sustainable and cost-effective. 

Any patron who enters your premises and wants to look at your menu can do so in the following steps: 

1. A customer needs to open the camera app on their smart phone 

2. Point at your 2D barcode that will be designed to redirect to your page 

3. The menu shows up on their device and they can order from the safety of their own phone. 

What can we do for you? 

1. We'll design a 2D QR code for you.

2. We'll link this to your website that has a menu page.

3. We'll use your branding on this with a 4 step instruction on how it is to be scanned.

4. We'll print it and ship it to you based on your size requirements.

5. We'll train your staff to use this with ease. 

6. We'll be here for any after sales support that you may require.