About Us

MaLurra dinnerware's Palm Leaf Plate collection is a 100% natural and has no chemicals, waxes, dyes or additives. Our Palm Plates and Bowls are responsibly sourced, manufactured and distributed. Our Palm plates are compostable in the soil within 60 days of disposal and help with the fertility of the soil.

We love the world we live in and want to protect it for future generations to come. Our aim is to provide alternate solutions to plastic and paper dinnerware. We take pride in being part of a solution that promotes sustainability across the globe.


When will my package arrive?

Please give us one to four business days to process your order. Orders placed on Friday after 1PM EST will be processed on Monday. If you need expedited shipping please email us at info@malurra.com

Where do MaLurra Palm Leaf cases ship from? 

Our cases of wholesale palm leaf plates and bowls ship from our warehouse locations in New Jersey and California. This ensures our cases are with you in 3-4 business days. 

How do I track my order?

Once your order has shipped, we will send you a tracking number and you can click on that, it will redirect you to the status of the package. 

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

Please give us your full address to ship your order; unfortunately we do not ship to P.O boxes.

What is your return policy?

We accept returns for damaged products only. If you have received any dinnerware that you deem damaged, please email us at info@malurra.com with your order number, phone number and a picture of the product. We’ll ensure that we resolve your issue either the same or the next business day.

What payments method do you accept?

MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover.

Can I unsubscribe from receiving emails from malurra.com?

Yes, please email us at info@malurra.com to unsubscribe from our newsletters.

What materials are used to make MaLurra palm leaf dinnerware?

Our Palm Leaf Plates are made from dry fronds that shed naturally from palm trees. The palm trees are not cut, felled or harvested for the products, making it not just fully natural, but sustainable for a friendly planet.

What is the shelf life of the MaLurra palm leaf collection?

With proper storage, our products last between 8 to 12 months. This is possible as the plant fiber extracted from palm trees contain 99.9% anti-bacterial properties and possess excellent permeability and breathability; hindering bacteria from proliferating.

Can you serve hot and cold foods on the MaLurra Palm collection?

Our palm plates and palm bowls are heatproof, waterproof, robust and absolutely leak proof. This makes them suitable for both hot and cold foods.

Can MaLurra Palm plates be used in the oven and microwave?

Our palm plates and bowls are a lot more durable than plastic/ paper products. It's safe to heat in a conventional microwave oven for about 2 minutes and in an oven for about 45 minutes less than 350 degrees of heat. Also, 6-7 feet distance from the heat source is recommended. Our collection can also be refrigerated!

Does MaLurra dinnerware use chemicals, additives and bonding agents?

Endowed with natural strength, the products are made without any additional materials, hence 100% free of any chemicals, additives and bonding agents. Water, heat and Palm leaves if the winning formula!

Are palm plates and palm oil made from the same tree? 

No, palm oil is made from a completely different variety of a Palm tree. Our palm dinnerware collection is made from the fallen fronds of the Areca palm tree.

How strong is dinnerware from MaLurra palm collection?

Our dinnerware is the toughest and strongest disposable currently available in the market. Hence, they are suitable for events ranging from tastings, catering, to dinners, corporate events and weddings. The uses are endless, however as a disposable product it is intended as a single use item. 

Are they all the same color?

Our collection is a 100% natural, which means no dyes and chemicals are used, therefore a natural and original pattern ensues.

Will MaLurra Palm Plates affect the taste of food?

No lacquers are used in the process of manufacturing these plates and therefore the taste of food is not affected. 

For FCL and LCL in the regions of Japan, Australia and the EU please email ben@malurra.com for assistance in 24 hours. MOQ and pricing is subjective for FCL and LCL orders.