Palm Leaf Plates and Cutlery

Disposable palm cutlery and plates are great for all kinds of occasions, more so where there is no running water or facilities to clean dirty dishes. Single-Use palm tableware comes to our rescue here and saves us the hassle of having to do dishes. However, single-use disposable palm dinnerware that is not biodegradable harms our surroundings. The only solution to this is to buy compostable single-use palm dinnerware that protects the environment. Convenience and responsibility combined is a great idea.


Disposable Bulk Palm Leaf Plates and Cutlery | Wholesale      

Plastic disposables usually end up in a landfill and take thousands of years to degrade however biodegradable products are made of organic materials that can degrade naturally after disposal in a matter of months.

Since Palm leaf plates look good and feel great, the demand has greatly increased. The fact that palm leaf plates cost less than bamboo plates also helps with the popularity. When you buy in bulk and at wholesale costs you tend to save more as they can be used at a later date too. 

Palm leaf plates can be used for several occasions. They are used as party plates, thanksgiving plates, wedding plates and so on. Since there are small plates to medium plates and big plates, it serves all purposes. All kinds of food can be served on these palm plates, it doesn’t matter if they are saucy or dry.

Disposable Dinnerware at MaLurra and Palm Leaf Party Plates

Since, high costs are associated with going green, our bulk palm plates are low in cost and we hope this will help many people adapt to sustainable and environment-friendly disposable dinnerware instead of plastic and paper disposables.


Disposable Dinnerware at MaLurra and Palm Leaf Party Plates

Palm leaf plates are one of the best looking disposables on the market. Paper and plastic dinnerware look cheap and non-classy when used for special events such as Weddings, BBQ’s, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and so on. Palm plates look natural and provide elegance to all these occasions. 

The difference between bamboo dinnerware and palm leaf plates is that bamboo dinnerware is made by the felling of trees whereas palm leaf party plates are made with leafs that are naturally fallen. Since these palm plates are biodegradable and sustainable, they are an absolute guilt-free use of disposables.


Also, palm leaf plates can be used in the microwave for about 2 minutes, unlike plastic or Styrofoam plates. 

Palm plates are suitable for commercial compost as well as home compost. They can also be burned safely without toxic vapor emission. Compostable plates should not be collected in a plastic bag otherwise they do not decompose. There are compostable and biodegradable bags available. 

Palm leaf party plates, bamboo plates, wooden plates are all made of biodegradable material which means they are organic and can be disposed of easily without causing harm. This makes them the best Eco-friendly option for parties, events and other special occasions.

Disposable Dinnerware at MaLurra and Palm Leaf Party Plates

Palm leaf plates and cutlery have to be the 'greenest' option available in the disposables market currently as they are after all made of a leaf. 

The next time you are hosting an event and are using disposable plates and cutlery, choose palm leaf plates instead of paper plates that are flimsy or plastic plates that will end up in a landfill and stay there forever.

We have palm plates in various sizes such as square palm plates, rectangular palm trays, round palm plates and bowls. We are also constantly innovating and testing designs that we think our clients will love.

Disposable Dinnerware at MaLurra and Palm Leaf Party Plates