Product Features

What’s special about the MaLurra Palm Leaf dinnerware collection? 

Our entire dinnerware collection has taken years to perfect and craft into designs that look good, feel good and are highly functional. MaLurra’s palm leaf plates are entirely natural, sustainable, leak-proof, heat and water resistant, biodegradable and compostable

Product Features:

100% Organic and Chemical Free: Our production process has no polish, wax, lacquers or bonding agents. It’s just palm leaf, heat, water and pressure. You feel absolutely great using these environmentally friendly products. They go back to the earth as quietly as they came into existence with zero negative impact

No felling of trees: Unlike bamboo, wood or paper - palm trees are not harvested and cut for the manufacturing process, the fallen leaves are simply picked up and ready to go through the process. 

Sturdy and Leak Proof: MaLurra’s Palm dinnerware is as tough as disposable dinnerware gets! All plates and bowls are designed to be a 100% leak proof and withstand heat and cold foods with ease. There is no distortion of the design unlike with paper products. 

Microwave proof: MaLurra’s Palm Leaf dinnerware is designed to withstand refrigeration as well as microwave use within limit. 

Friendly Costs: Unlike bamboo plates, palm plates are much more affordable to ease the process of going green and helping the planet we live in! We sell bulk palm plates for wholesale use. 

Multiple designs:  MaLurra’s Palm Dinnerware collection comes in various shapes and sizes to suit the needs of our clients. We have everything from 6” bulk palm plates to 10” bulk palm plates along with bowls and trays. 

Natural patterns: MaLurra Dinnerware’s Palm Plate collection stands out because every plate that is manufactured is completely original in that it maintains the patterns of the Palm leaf. 

Conversation Starter: Since Palm Leaf Plates look like you’re eating off of wood, they’re a great conversation starter at all events and gatherings.