Manufacturing Process and Quality

 Manufacturing Process and Quality Standards 

STEP 1: All our dinnerware is made from leaves that are naturally shed by the Areca Palm tree. No trees are ever cut for the process. Talk about being super sustainable! 

STEP 2:  Once the palm leaves are shed, the exciting part begins! They’re collected, sorted and go through a high pressure cleaning process. During the manufacturing process there are no chemicals, dyes or additives used. This makes the manufacturing process 100% natural. 


Palm Leaf Plates | Manufacturing Process | Malurra Palm

STEP 3: Once the palm leaves are cleaned, they are flattened out to create our various designs under heated pressure. Several of our designs are accommodated on a single areca palm leaf making the process highly efficient with minimal wastage. 

STEP 4: The results of all the hard work are in! A refreshing plate created from the earth for all events from cookouts, catering, camping trips, weddings and parties are ready to use! 

When you’re done with these plates, they go straight back to the earth as compost instead of landing up in fills or the ocean. We’re so excited and happy to be offering this sustainable solution at wholesale costs that are friendly. MaLurra’s Palm Dinnerware collection is the best alternative to plastic and paper products that are coated with wax. Our carbon footprint is minimal when compared to the manufacturing process of other sustainable alternatives in the market. 

Quality Standards 

Our products are regularly tested for various aspects to ensure the highest quality standards. Our samples are regularly submitted to several agencies such as the USDA and the TUV-SUD to ensure that our products are top-notch and all our clients only receive the very best in the market. 

Palm Leaf Plates | Manufacturing Process | Malurra Palm