Bamboo Boats & Picks | Skewers

One of the best ways to showcase foods that are intricate such as sushi, appetizers and entrées, is on a wooden or bamboo boat!

It’s sleek and elegant, holds food perfectly well.

Our boat trays are curved with an open-top design to give it a classy touch. They can be disposed of easily after use and are highly grease-resistant which means they won’t end up transferring food stains on your serving trays!

Our high-end beautiful disposables can be used at various events like weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries or just any occasion where the food is incredible and the company is great.

Our bamboo disposables are sturdy, compostable and made from sustainably harvested bamboo. Both hot and cold foods can be served on our boats. These chic products are practical if clients are eating ‘on the go’ while at events. They not only feel great but have a rustic and natural charm to it.

We have Eco-friendly bamboo boat sizes that suit your needs.


MaLurra Dinnerware’s bamboo knot picks and skewers are great for eco-friendly entertainment. They are made from sustainably sourced bamboo and it creates a lasting first impression on the presentation of your dish!

Our knot picks and skewers can be used for tapas, hor d'oeuvres, finger foods, salad on a stick, various meats as well as fruit bites!

Apart from food, these Eco-friendly picks make it easy to hold together various tiki drinks, an olive for a martini and help from keeping the garnish slipping to the bottom of your favorite drink!

It’s a great time to ditch the toothpicks and cocktail umbrellas for our more stylish and minimalist bamboo skewers.

Our pointed bamboo skewers are very easy to use and are a caterers favorite! Also, widely used in weddings and restaurant foods. They make a great impression as it comes across as a piece that pays attention to minute details.

These are super durable and also the highest -quality bamboo picks and skewers on the market. Bamboo picks are an alternative to wood and plastic picks because they are highly renewable and it decomposes instead of cluttering landfills.

Skewers are called by various names such as Bamboo Knotted Skewers, Bamboo Toothpicks, Bamboo Frill Picks, Bamboo Knot Food Picks, Knotted Bamboo Picks or Knot Picks.

Make a great impression using our bamboo picks that are available for food service and restaurant supply.