Fair Trade and Impact

Fair Trade Practice

A happy workforce is paramount to our success and it is incredibly important to us that we engage in providing fair wages to everyone in our supply chain along with high safety features and standards.

We are committed to ensuring good working conditions along with the capacity building of all our employees across the globe.  

Economic Impact of MaLurra Palm Dinnerware

Since Palm Leaf is not available in the United States and is mostly present in great concentration in South Asia, our palm products have to be manufactured there. This contributes to the daily livelihood of several employees directly with wages and programs that are designed to uplift marginalized communities. These communities, in turn, are able to put their children through school and provide themselves with basic necessities that otherwise would have been a challenge to achieve. 

MaLurra Palm Dinnerware’s Impact on our Earth

We’d like to think of our Palm Leaf Plates as those that don’t make any ‘noise’ - They come into our planet quietly and exit the same way. In between, the Palm Leaf Plates live their best life by serving as great-looking dinnerware.

Disposable plates and bowls are routinely used and cannot be avoided. However, conscious steps can be taken to improve the quality of disposables that we use. The natural qualities present even in a finished Palm leaf plate aid in its compostability.